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Meet Our Team

At Gisborne Engineering we are proud to have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about engineering excellence. Together, we work tirelessly to deliver top-quality solutions and drive the success of our clients.

Get to know the faces behind our exceptional team:

Max Carruthers


Max, born and bred in Gisborne, began his career as a diesel mechanic, gaining valuable experience in Australia's open-cast mines. In 1978, he founded Endeavour Sheetmetals Ltd before acquiring Gisborne Engineering in 1991. Under his leadership, the company expanded significantly from 1995 to 1998 and updated vital machinery in 2001, positioning it for 21st-century success. Max's unwavering commitment and deep connection to Gisborne have driven the company's growth over 30 years.

Dmitrey Carruthers

General Manager

Dmitrey, our General Manager, embodies leadership and precision. His passion lies in guiding his team and apprentices to mastery, creating a legacy of skilled tradespeople. Dmitrey's youthful energy infuses modern attitudes, systems, and automation into Gisborne Engineering, securing our future as an industry leader. His journey started by mastering CNC machines at 17, managing our machineshop by 19, and now leading as General Manager from the age of 21. Beyond work, Dmitrey is dedicated to supporting kids' heart charities, disabled children's charities, and apprentices through EIT, showcasing his commitment to community growth.

Natasha Carruthers


Natasha has dedicated 20 years to nurturing relationships and culture at Gisborne Engineering. With extensive experience, she brings valuable knowledge to our team. Natasha's commitment to fostering strong client relationships has been instrumental in our success, ensuring client satisfaction.

Renee Carmody

Commercial Manager

Renee is a skilled business growth strategist with 18+ years of experience across Australia and New Zealand. As our Commercial Manager, she brings expertise in driving growth and developing sales and marketing strategies. Her analytical mindset identifies expansion opportunities and innovative approaches for Gisborne Engineering and its Clients.

Nathan Stevens

Heavy Shop Manager

Nathan has been a vital part of Gisborne Engineering for over 15 years. His background spans parts, heavy shop engineering, and production management. Nathan thrives on tackling new challenges and embracing variety. With a trade certification in general engineering, his finely honed skills extend to angling and camaraderie with friends. Nathan embodies Gisborne Engineering's experience, adaptability, and dedication.

Chris Brandt

Machine Shop Manager

Chris brings unparalleled expertise from South Africa to our team. His background includes machine tool fitting, motor vehicle engine reconditioning, fitting and turning, process engineering, and manufacturing engineering. He's a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and enjoys mountain biking and fishing. Chris's journey embodies excellence and innovation, propelling Gisborne Engineering’s Machine Shop forward.

Debbie Spooner

Office Manager

Debbie contributes over 40 years of industry experience, with 21+ dedicated to Gisborne Engineering. Her knack for figures and passion for precision are cornerstones of our financial operations. Debbie eagerly anticipates uncharted territories, defining Gisborne Engineering's legacy.

Hannelize De Lange

Office Administrator

With a decade's administrative and HR experience, Hannelize adds invaluable expertise. Holding certificates in Accounting Support and Business with HR Management focus, she refines policies, fosters teamwork, and embraces change. Outside work, she cherishes family time and baking. Our diverse team's shared commitment to excellence drives Gisborne Engineering's success. Contact us today to explore how our specialized engineering solutions can benefit your business.

At Gisborne Engineering, we believe that our team’s diverse backgrounds, expertise, and shared commitment to excellence are what drive our success. Each member brings unique skills and perspectives, enabling us to tackle even the most complex engineering challenges with confidence.

Get in touch with our team today to start a conversation and explore how we can drive your business forward with our specilised engineering solutions.