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Parts and equipment that are exposed to wear are subject to abrasion, impact and/or erosion. This represents significant expense to companies in the recovery or replacement of these wear prone elements.

MIG Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing provides a solution

MIG Tungsten Carbide utilizes the MIG welding process along with hardfacing wire and Tungsten Carbide particles to form a composite hardfacing that is highly resistant to severe abrasion and impact. The tungsten carbide particles are feed directly into the molten weld and become imbedded in the weld pool

MIG Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing offers a tremendous increase in service life compared to parts that do not have it.


  • LONGER SERVICE LIFE - Fewer replacement parts are needed when parts are hardfaced with MIG tungsten Carbide.
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY - increases productivity and therefore profits.
  • LESS DOWNTIME - - a longer service life
  • Try us for your next job requiring carbide tungsten hardfacing and save
  • Mining Equipment -shovel, bucket wear parts, drilling parts
  • Highway and Road Construction Equipment
  • Trenching Equipment - teeth
  • Processing Equipment - mixing blades
  • Dredging Equipment -cutter heads and teeth
  • Recycling Equipment - hammers and other wear parts
  • Agricultural Equipment - flails, blades, subsoiler tips etc, etc
  • Quarry Machinery - hammer mills, bucket tips, rippers