We offer preventive maintenance programmes for the operators who want peace of mind

We manufacture and stock many difficult to get or fast moving items for a range of machinery
  •         Logmax knives
  •         Block pins
  •         Clutch adjusters
Fitting an operator protective structure, can reduce the risk of serious injury or death. When there is a risk of objects falling on to machine operators or entering the driving position, such as trees in forestry work, or demolition material on construction sites, the operator needs the security of a protective structure.
A full range of certified protective structures for forestry machines, bulldozers, excavators,loaders, graders,tractors can be designed, fabricated and certified in-house

  • Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS)
  • Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS)
  • Tip Over Protective Structures (TOPS)        
  • Operator Protective Structures (OPS)
  • Cabin Operator Protective Structures (COPS)
A vast and varied range of forestry specific repair work is undertaken from site work on Haulers, winches, delimbers grapples and loaders etc. Many plant items are repaired or rebuilt in our workshop.
We have a wide and extensive range of experience in resolving forestry problems.
We offer an extensive hardfacing service utilizing the tungsten carbide process in which tungsten chip is embedded in a molten weld pool to produce a hardfacing result that can outlast conventional hardfacing by as much as 400 - 500 times

Tower Inspection Service
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